Praise God for:
1. Wisdom of the world leaders to take care of their nations from this epidemic.
2. Freedom to worship through online services.
3. The Grace of God for keeping all of us safe along with our family and church members.
4. For the providence of God during the lockdown period.

Pray for:
1. Those who are affected by COVID-19: Worldwide, India, Tamilnadu (check the latest news for the numbers before you offer the prayer).
2. The dear ones of those who had lost their lives by COVID-19.
3. Those who became widows, widowers, orphans because of the sudden death of their dear ones within a short period by COVID-19.
4. Those who are quarantined worldwide.
5. Those who are under lockdown (nearly half of the population worldwide).
6. The development of Vaccines against COVID-19.
7. Issues related to Education – Schools, Colleges and Universities.
8. Issues related to Unemployment, Economy, Ecology.
9. Those who are stranded, migrants, tourists due to worldwide suspension of transportation to overcome stress and anxiety.
10. The control and eradication of this plague from the phase of the earth.
11. Repentance of international rulers and leaders and to acknowledge Christ Jesus as Lord and Saviour.
12. Repentance of Christians from their sinful ways.
13. Christian countries to acknowledge God in all ways.
14. Methodist Clergy and Laity to repent from their sins.
15. Methodist Church in India and its leaders to have new vision after COVID-19.
16. MTC Vepery church members to have jobs, security and good health.
17. MTC Vepery Pastors, Staff, Bible Women, Sextons and workers.